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Tips to Hiring A Wedding Calligrapher with Nancy from NH by Design

August 5, 2021

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Wedding Calligrapher Invitations
Hiring A Wedding Calligrapher

As Wedding Photographers, we get the pleasure of working with many wonderful and talented vendors. When it comes to your wedding details, your invitation suite is one of the most important thing we capture. So are you thinking of hiring a Wedding Calligrapher to add that extra little detail and uniqueness to your photos? We would have to agree and say yes, you should! Our amazing vendor friend and Wedding Calligrapher Nancy from NH by Design shares some top tips about hiring a calligrapher and her heart behind her business.

What inspired you to start your calligraphy business?

Nancy said she was first introduced to Chinese Calligraphy in fifth grade. She’s always loved beautiful letters and writing, so it became a therapeutic hobby for her. During college, she was working at a luxury resort and created chalkboard signed for the hotel for weddings and events. Nancy then started doing calligraphy work for friends weddings and they encouraged her to create an Instagram to share her beautiful work. Slowly, she started building her portfolio, brand name and that’s where her business blossomed!

How would  you describe your style for couples looking?

  • Romantic and timeless with a modern twist.
  • I pull a lot of influence from runway couture and old world European vineyards.
  • My artistic style truly reflects my own personal style; lover of fashion, florals, and red wine!
  • I enjoy exploring different artistic avenues, but I feel like my work mostly represents one or a combination of the three elements that I love.

Nancy says her couples value timeless heirlooms and memorable experiences. She’s a sentimental person with a box full of handwritten memories and notes. She believes that nothing can replace sentimental value and the couples she work with cherish those same values.

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What does a couple need to know before booking you?

The number one tip Nancy has is to set a realistic budget. Decide on a style that resembles you and your partner’s love story. Inspiration can be pulled from anywhere! Textures, colors and vibes – bring that all together and you have yourself a mood board!

What calligraphy style do you specialize in?

Modern calligraphy is what speaks to Nancy’s soul. It allows her to express her own creative style and sets her work apart. Although, she does offer traditional calligraphy if requested. Letterpress and old world antique style is her absolute favorite and adds that perfect sentiment. Also, florals are kind of her thing! Nancy loves drawing them and including them into invitation designs.

What is something you wish couples knew before coming to you?

I stick to my own creative style, but your vision is what will guide me. In the beginning, a lot of clients would send me inspiration photos of work from other artists. Although I can create something that reflects my style, I wont copy another artists work. When I ask clients for inspiration, I encourage them to send me photos that aren’t related to what we are creating. Instead, I’ll request them to send me texture of certain fabrics, architecture from their favorite travel destination or colors. I believe pulling inspiration from things you normally don’t think about is where creativity comes form and the possibilities are endless!

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Blue Wedding Flat Lay Vows
How does calligraphy elevates a couple’s wedding day?

Maya Angelou puts it perfectly: “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” It’s all about creating memorable experiences and that’s how Nancy provide that same experience for her couple’s guest. When they open that hand written invitation to your wedding, they’ll feel so special. Living in a digital world makes calligraphy personal with a human touch.

What are your top tips for couples when it comes to stationary for their wedding?

  • Create a mood board, for the whole wedding!
  • Pick something that reflects you and your partner’s style and personality. Your wedding invitation is the first peek into your wedding day, so set the tone and build the anticipation.
  • Do what makes you happy, even if that means investing into personalized items.

What is the typical investment a couple should budget for?

If you’re after custom invitations and details, couples can typically expect to invest around $5,000 and can go upwards of $10,000. Of course, it all depends on the quantity and number of details the couple wishes to include.

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Why hire a calligrapher over a big box store?

You get to work with an artist one-on-one, which  you don’t get when working with big box stores. You’ll have to sift through hundreds of styles to find one you really like and the customization is quite limited. Working with a Calligrapher who does custom stationery gives you a creative and unique design that no one else has. You get to build personal relationships and work with an artist whose style matches yours and understands your vision. I’m here to help make the process enjoyable and to make sure every detail reflects their personality and style.

Any personal thoughts or things you would like any couple to know?

Find someone that you vibe with and you can trust with creating the details for your special day. I’m always up for a challenge! The possibilities are endless when it comes to calligraphy details. Whatever you envision, there’s a way to make it happen. Make sure to enjoy the process and don’t stress yourself out. At the end of the day, it’s going to be amazing either way because everyone is there to celebrate your love.

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If you loved reading about Nancy and her business, you should give her a follow over on her Instagram @nhbydesign.  To find out more about her other offerings such as engraving perfume bottles and glass items – head over to her website. All calligraphy featured above by the talented Nancy.

We hope this inspires you to design your wedding by adding the perfect personal touch with Calligraphy!

Photography: Donna & Matthew Photography
Calligrapher: NH by Design
Styling Surfaces: Elysian Market

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