Stockton Family Photographer

Stockton Family Photographers

May 19, 2023


As Stockton Family Photographers, our mission is to capture the essence of families and create timeless memories.

Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to serve the Chau Family. Who embarked on their very first family photoshoot since immigrating to America from Vietnam in the late 2000s. Tram reached out to us originally to capture some professional headshots for work. However with their lack of previous family images, we extended it to a family session. Which made this session all the more significant.

The Chau Family’s touching journey and their desire to reconnect with their cultural roots deeply resonated with us.

We were warmly welcomed by the Chau Family, brimming with excitement. Adorned in traditional Vietnamese clothing brought from Vietnam, their attire exquisitely reflected their cultural heritage. It was a captivating blend of tradition and contemporary life harmoniously converging.

The family’s unwavering bond was unmistakable in their interactions, as their smiles mirrored a journey of resilience and togetherness. From playful moments between Tram and her family. To the tender gazes exchanged by their parents, each frame conveyed a unique tale.

Throughout the session, we strived to create an environment that allowed the Chau Family to be themselves. Encouraging their true personalities to shine through. Guided by simple prompts and actions, we captured their love and connection organically. The outcome is a collection of images that encapsulate their family dynamics and cultural heritage.

The gallery of the Chau Family serves as a testament to their remarkable journey.

A visual narrative of love, determination, and the courage it took to forge a new life. We are humbled to have been part of their story. Freezing priceless moments in time that will be cherished for generations to come.

At Stockton Family Photographers, we firmly believe in the power of photography to celebrate diversity, culture, and the unbreakable bonds of family. The Chau Family’s session serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of capturing these moments. Preserving memories, and honoring our shared humanity.

Thank you Tram and your family for trusting us to capture these moments for you.

Donna and Matthew are Lodi and Sacramento Wedding and Elopement Photographers specializing in romantic, timeless and documentary inspired images. We serve the surrounding areas of Sacramento such as Folsom, Davis, El Dorado Hills, Lake Tahoe, Knights Ferry, Sonora and so much more. Within the Bay Area, we serve: San Francisco, Napa Valley, South Bay, East Bay, San Jose, the central coast like Monterey, Big Sur and Hollister.

We’re available for destination weddings, elopements and engagement sessions! Contact us for more detailed pricing.

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