Monterey Maternity Session

Monterey Maternity Session | Danielle & Matt

August 15, 2023


We want to take you through an enchanting Monterey Maternity Session. The latest chapter in Danielle and Matt’s life. Embarking on our third photography journey with them has been a true joy. From their Lupine Season elopement at Folsom Lake in to their Cherry Blossom baby announcement. We’ve been honored to document their life’s special moments. This year, we’re thrilled to document their coastal maternity session amidst the overcast embrace of the ocean.

A Coastal Mood:
Despite the chilly mist and overcast skies, the Monterey coastline lent an air of mystique to the session. The ocean’s whispers intertwined with the coastal breeze. Enveloping Danielle and Matt in an ethereal ambiance that brought their emotions to life in every frame.

Nostalgic Connections:
As Danielle hails from Hollister, CA, and Matt from Santa Cruz, CA. Selecting Monterey as their location was a beautiful homage to their roots. The ocean’s grandeur mirrored the vastness of their love. While the coastline echoed their shared journeys. It was an ideal canvas to encapsulate their anticipation for their upcoming arrival.

Awaiting a New Chapter:
As they eagerly await the arrival of their baby girl. Danielle and Matt’s radiant anticipation illuminated every photograph. Their open hearts ready to nurture and support their little one shows that they’ll be amazing parents.

The Enhancement of Film:
Our decision to shoot on film was reaffirmed during this misty session.

Film possesses an enchanting quality that turns even the coldest and fogginess into something breathtakingly beautiful.

As we gaze at the developed scans. Film captures light, emotion, and texture in a truly enchanting way. Film preserves the depth and emotions of each moment. Our devotion to film remains unwavering as we cherish it’s timeless allure.

The Journey Forward:

Watching Danielle and Matt evolve through life’s significant milestones is an honor and privilege. As they step into parenthood, we’re excited to capture the love in every frame. Encapsulating their growth, their joy, and the profound love that envelops their new family. These moments will forever be a treasure.

This is why we’re dedicated to the art of photography. These experiences remind me why I’m passionate about my craft.

Each session holds its own unique charm and challenges, but it’s in these moments that we find the beauty of life’s journey.

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  1. Danielle says:

    It was an absolute dream to shoot with you again! I am so in love with these photos and the whole experience! I can’t wait for the next shoot! 💕💕

    • Donna Choeun says:

      We always love seeing you both and capturing all your special moments! We’re excited for the minis and can’t wait to meet the little one! <3

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