As Cassidy and JC’s Leal Vineyards wedding approached, we took a moment to reflect on the wonderful relationship we’ve developed with them throughout the months.

What began as a professional engagement with a wedding couple, turned into a meaningful friendship. Throughout the planning process, we got to know Cassidy and JC well. We’re grateful for this industry that allows us to form genuine connections with our clients.

We shared many evenings playing online games, dining together, chatting on the phone, countless Instagram and text messages about wedding planning and mostly about life.

We are sincerely thankful for their kind souls, welcoming us as friends rather than just vendors. Documenting their wedding day felt all the more special and privileged, especially since it coincided with Matt’s birthday, making the celebration even more joyful.

The day was graced with warm sunshine. The wedding party was vibrant and enthusiastic, and Cassidy and JC truly lived in the moment of their wedding day.