As we sit down to reminisce about the incredible year of weddings we’ve been blessed to capture, Mikayla and James’ Hacienda de las Flores celebration stands out as the ultimate grand finale to our 2023 wedding season. It’s almost poetic how they marked the beginning and end of the year for us with their engagement session and now Wedding.

Their wedding aesthetic was a vision and pure elegance. Think classic white and black seamlessly intertwined with the earthy tones of brown and green. A timeless palette that serves as the canvas for Mikayla and James’ love story. What added that extra dash of charm? The subtle nod to Christmas woven into every detail. We loved the custom ornament seating chart by The White Lotus Lettering and the girls festive Christmas pajamas. Every little details added a sprinkle of holiday magic.

Despite a chilly start and a brief hint of rain before the ceremony. Everything miraculously cleared up before the celebration began, turning it into the perfect day for a celebration. Being surrounded by their loved ones and the joy they had for the couple’s union was a reminder why we love weddings. Capturing love, documenting a couples’ story and letting it unfold through art is what we’re most passionate about. It’s truly a magical time that we’re so grateful to be a part of.

But the real magic? Witnessing Mikayla and James love story unfold throughout the year and seeing their vision come to life. They truly made this day their own and celebrated in the ways that they wanted.