As a wedding photographer, there’s something truly special about capturing intimate moments between two souls deeply in love. Linda and Ted’s journey began when we photographed their engagement session last year. We were so thrilled when they asked us to document their San Jose intimate wedding.

We meet them through Lisa and Alan, our first wedding couple in 2020, who happen to be Linda’s sister. Over the years, we have had the privilege of serving both sisters and their families, creating cherished memories through family photos.

Linda and Ted’s intimate ceremony took place at the beautiful St. Francis of Assisi in San Jose. With only their immediate family present.

The atmosphere was filled with warmth and love. The sacred space of the church set the stage for a heartfelt exchange of vows. As Linda and Ted sealed their commitment to one another. Capturing their wedding day was an honor and a joy. Linda’s radiant smile and Ted’s adoring gaze reflected the depth of their connection. From the tender moments shared during the ceremony to the celebratory cheers of their loved ones. Every frame told a story of love and happiness.

As I reflect on Linda and Ted’s wedding, I am reminded of the profound privilege it is to be part of such intimate celebrations. Their love, coupled with the support of their families, created an atmosphere of pure joy and happiness. Witnessing their union reaffirmed my belief in the power of love and the beauty of commitment.