Step into the world of Danielle and Matt's captivating Monterey Maternity Session – the latest chapter in their remarkable journey. It's been a genuine pleasure to accompany them from their serene Lupine Season elopement at Folsom Lake to the joyous Cherry Blossom baby announcement.

Amidst the backdrop of Monterey's coastal overcast charm, we're capturing their anticipation for the new arrival. Despite the mist and cloudy skies, the Monterey coastline added a touch of mystique, creating an ethereal backdrop that brought their emotions to life in every frame.

With Danielle's and Matt's roots in the central coast, the choice of Monterey carries a sentimental touch. The vastness of the ocean mirrors their love, while the coastline traces their shared journey. It's a perfect setting to encapsulate their excitement as they await their baby girl.

During this misty session, our commitment to film was reaffirmed. Film's enchanting quality turns even the foggiest moments into something truly enchanting. As Danielle and Matt step into parenthood, we're thrilled to capture their love in every photograph, preserving their growth and the profound love that envelops their new family.

These moments are why we're devoted to photography – they remind us of the beauty in life's journey.