Cassidy and JC’s Sacramento Capitol Engagement session unfolded in the heart of Sacramento, against the majestic backdrop of the Capitol and the enchanting rose garden. With a modern classic vibe at the Capitol and a garden aesthetic at the rose garden, their engagement session was a perfect blend of style and romance.

From the moment we met Cassidy and JC, a deep connection sparked, and our friendship began to bloom. We discovered that we shared many interests, making it effortless to connect with them. What we love most is that their wedding will take place at Leal Vineyard in Hollister, CA. Which holds special significance as it’s Matt’s hometown.

Our session at the Sacramento Capitol exuded elegance and sophistication. The timeless architecture, adorned with grand columns, provided a stunning backdrop for Cassidy and JC’s love. Their radiant smiles and genuine chemistry lit up every photograph. Showcasing their deep bond.

As we worked our way towards the rose garden, the atmosphere shifted to a more romantic and natural setting. Surrounded by blooming flowers, Cassidy and JC embraced their softer side. Exuding a captivating charm. Their love blossomed, mirroring the beauty of the garden itself.

Throughout the session, we focused on capturing the authentic connection between the two. Their laughter and stolen glances painted a picture of their unwavering affection. Every photograph reflected their deep love and anticipation for their future together.