This beautiful Durst Winery Wedding marked the perfect beginning to the Fall wedding season. Bailey and Kyle’s outdoor wedding beneath the night sky, embellished with string lights and lush greenery, transported us to something magical.

The gentle, overcast weather, a true California hallmark, imbued the day with a comforting ambience. Soft clouds drifted across the sky, allowing the sun to make occasional appearances. Casting a beautiful glow on those special moments.

From the very start, we joined the couple in their preparations. To the joyous last moments filled with lively dancing, this wedding seamlessly blended elements of classic, documentary, and pure romance. Bailey’s fondness for all things navy shone through, beautifully complementing the overall wedding aesthetic.

Being part of this celebration felt like an incredible honor. The wedding party radiated such vibrant, positive energy. That it became one of the most memorable wedding party we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The families and all their guest exuded love and joy. Giving every moment we captured with endless stories and emotions.

The wedding was so beautiful, that we found ourselves reaching for our film cameras more frequently. In attempt to capture very precious moment on timeless film.